Geo-Line 146S Core Barrel


The Geo-Line 146S wire line core barrel with standard hole diameter of 146 mm and core diameter of 102 mm, was specially designed for coring in a wide range of formations, from soft to extremely hard.

It is a very versatile core barrel, which adds the advantage of being triplex, adding a third plastic tube that helps the transport and storage of the sample.
It also allows the use of water, mud or air as the drilling fluid.

Coring is optimized with different variants of core lifters, basket core lifters, different core lifter cases, different designs of the inner assemblies, which give rise to what we call Methods I, II, III, IV, V and VI, combining classic coring, Shelby sampling or non-coring drilling.

As all wireline system core barrels, the Geo-Line 146S, is completed with its corresponding Overshot and Dry Hole Device, ensuring correct placement of the inner tube in holes water filled or dry hole.

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