Diamond tools for concrete

TECSO, S.A., presents its range of products for Construction under the brand PRODIAM.

Diamond drill bits

PRODIAM diamond drills bits for wet and dry cutting in concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, bricks and abrasive materials, guarantee high performance with maximum cutting speed and high wear resistance over the life of the drill bit.

The best option for professional use due to the value for money.

Core drilling machines

PRODIAM has a wide range of drilling equipment and special equipment for dry and wet drilling in concrete, asphalt, bricks, stone …, in floors walls and ceilings.

The combination of core drilling machines (motors and drill rigs) together with the diamond drill bits we supply allow the construction professional to increase production thanks to the versatility of the equipments and the great performance they offer.

Floor saws

We have a wide range of petrol, diesel and electric floor saws, to perform all kinds of concrete and asphalt work.

From the lightweight and easiest to drive for the general contractor to the heavy duty and most powerful floor saws for road cutting, all of them offer high performance and high productivity and lower blade, fuel and time consumption.
Easy to manoeuver, transport and maintain.

Masonry saws / table saws

Our range of water-cooled tables saws allow us to easily cut construction materials through efficient and precise cutting, outdoors as well as indoors.

They are robust machines that ensure good production rate, quality of work and an excellent lifespan in the most demanding environments.


Tools that help make compaction of solid ground. Our tools and equipment have a high quality and excellent design and offer high performance, reliability and easy maintenance to the operator and help him with daily work.

Efficient shock absorbers and an extra-strong metal frame ensure the ground takes the pounding, not the operator.


High load capacity, ideal for construction and mining applications. Maximum traction thanks to its rubber trucks, can work on any type of terrain with maximum reliability, also offers maximum maneuverability allowing to maneuver in very small spaces.

Power screeds

Power screeds are the right tool for the distribution, flush and compaction of concrete. Its use in construction, allows compacting, suppressing air bubbles and leveling concrete or concrete slabs.
We supply power screeds of high quality, design and lightness.

Hand-held power tools

Manual machines of high performance and small size, adapted to each type of work.
Comfortable, flexible, easy and safe use for the operator. Effective and efficient are the words that best describe our machines.

Power trowels

Wide range of power trowels that are used for smoothing and polishing concrete floors and surfaces to leave the floor surface with a perfect and fine finish.

This type of machinery is provided with protection ring with galvanized circles and opening for easy blade change and for greater safety.

They’re designed for reliable performance and low maintenance, providing an efficient solution for troweling applications


Full range of high quality and high performance vibrators that are used to compact the newly extended thick concrete.

Wall saws

These are machines of great precision and resistance that provide an unbeatable solution of work, safety and reliability, simplifying the daily work of the operator and reducing work times and costs.

The cuts can be made in all types of openings (on walls, on ceilings and floors) through all building materials such as brick, block or reinforced concrete.

Thanks to this technique you get a job much faster, safer and with a perfect finish to ensure an efficient operation.

Hammer drills

The hydraulic hammers, demolish by continuous hitting on a surface until the material is cracked. The size and weight of the hammer depended on the material to be demolished. It is very common in medium and small works.


The crusher has been designed for the crushing of semi-hard, hard and fragile materials, including asphalt slabs, very hard rocks, concrete blocks …, you get a material with a size between 0 and 5 cm approximately.